Meet Mr. Derick Tan

Derick Tan has been an active trader and investor in the stock, commodities, currencies, bonds and property markets since 1999. Apart from Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA), Derick is also a practitioner of the relatively unknown but amazingly accurate Cycle Analysis (CA) to improve the probability of winning in different investment asset classes. He is the Founder of the “Timing & You” program (, dedicated to raise awareness of the looming Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC), guiding individuals to survive and profit from the devastating financial crisis through the period 2015-2022.

Derick is also the Founder and CEO of Dreampreneur Pte Ltd, a company that engages in business ventures revolving accumulation, growth and management of wealth in 3 main areas: namely investment, marketing and property. He provides global asset strategies and investment ideas for High Net Worth Individuals (HNMIs) in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam....etc. He is also the invited trainer and speaker for AIA, CIMB, Kenanga (largest independent investment bank by equity trading volume and value in Malaysia) and Phillip Capital.

Derick has been featured in numerous media including Singapore’s Shareinvestor, Indonesia’s Jak TV and pasfm92.4 as well as Malaysia’s BFM89.9, CITYPlus FM, SmartInvestor magazine and the Edge Malaysia.


Dedicated to the research, study and application of Cycle Analysis (CA) to predict, time and profit from different investment assets classes.



To inspire and lead a movement of Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC) ambassadors to spread the awareness of SDC through the period of 2015 – 2022 and be a Force for Good to brighten up the world.

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