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Lehman Brothers Collapse 10th Year Anniversary: How financial conditions have changed

The collapse of the 158-year-old Lehman Brothers on 15th September 2008 remains the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history and it triggered a 1-day drop in Dow Jones of 4.5%, the LARGEST since the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks. Let's take a look how the financial conditions have changed on the 10th year anniversary of Lehman Brothers collapse.

U.S. Stock Market Since 9th March 2009, this U.S. bull market is …

One of the Most Important Charts in the World Right Now!

Personally, I look at dozens of charts everyday. Some are incredibly valuable while others are less so. Above is a chart that I believe is one of the most important, if not THE most important, in the world right now! It is the chart of Total Assets on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. In other words, the cumulative, market-inflating, war chest of easy money built up during multiple rounds of …

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