“Global Market Forecast with Profit Potential in 2018” talk on 20th January 2018

This was the "Global Market Forecast with Profit Potential in 2018" talk that our Timing & You Founder Derick Tan presented to the clients of Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (the largest independent investment bank by equity trading volume and value in Malaysia) on 20th January 2018. 4 months ago, Derick predicted that there will be a correction in the U.S. stock market within the first half of 2018 (it started 6 days after this talk and is still in the process as of today 6th May),  commodity bull market is back (Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) Index is now at a 2-year high) and bond bear market is here (after a 32-year bull run which started in 1980, it finally ended in 2012 and had a 2nd bottom in 2016). Derick also shared about the Quantitative Easing (QE), Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC), the 1 indicator that he pay attention to as a leading indicator for the stock market....etc.

Do take note that the cycle charts which Derick shared during this talk have already expired by now. To have access to the latest cycle charts of different investment asset classes, please sign up as a Timing & You member here: https://goo.gl/eTY9Eu

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Timing is Everything! 时机就是一切!

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