Wong Wei Kai

The Timing & You course brings light to me of what is the Cycle Analysis, the insight of smart money flow, and most importantly, how to prepare for the anticipated sovereign debt crisis.

As an avid trader, I also leveraged on the cycle chart on top of TA and FA for my trading on equity market and commodities. It serves as a powerful edge to the trading.

It’s definitely a no-brainer and one of the best investments I have done to enrol in this course. 5-star is just an understatement!

Wong Wei KaiSDC Ambassador

Kee Hong Tho

Thank you, Derick, for your cycle chart forecast on oil. I have made back the course fees at least 7 times from the oil chart you posted after deducted some losses from certain trade. Overall it is still a positive trade to do. What I believe here is that I believe following you and I take action from small to build the confidence in trading with info you shared and find the way that it matches and suit me along the period now and in future. Thank you!

Kee Hong ThoSDC Ambassador

Adeline Ng

An engaging and mind stimulating course. It confirms the existence of cycle/timing and open my eyes to alternative investment/asset class. Well worth the time spent to learn about cycle analysis and how to benefit from it.

Adeline NgSDC Ambassador

Jun Hao

T&Y is rock, it give an overview of the macroeconomic trend, the power of CA for market prediction and prove the history repeat and match today’s situation. SDC is here, worry about invest your money in wrong bucket? With CA, we know which field to focus. Thanks Derick.

Jun HaoSDC Ambassador

Andrew Tay

Derick. I enjoyed your class on Sunday actually I do not feel sleepy throughout the day. What you see from CA it really happening. I can benefit to use as a forecast for my trading. Even though I am not in ETF yet as I do not have much capital. I will use CA as my 3rd eye for my forex trading. I never regret signed up your course as this course has made understanding the current situation of SDC and how to ride on this economic turbulence.

What I feel good for next 5 years I would not want to make any mistakes as I am in 46 this year. Being your network I can follow you and benefit from your network

Andrew TaySDC Ambassador

Chan Yin Yin

I am one of the first batch SDC ambassadors in Malaysia. The course was on 31 Jan 2016. I consider myself lucky to have attended the course early and witness how accurate Derick was in forecasting the timing of the lowest price of crude oil even before it hit. I wonder if he has a crystal ball which can look into the future ; ) Then the crude oil dynamic cycle chart proved its accuracy again recently…I am surprised the cycle charts could be so accurate! To those who are thinking, considering or hesitating in joining the course, I can only give you the following advice: You will regret for the rest of your life if you haven’t attended Timing & You course by Derick!

Thank you Derick, for the great efforts in enlightening us about the SDC and the huge opportunities brought by SDC!!

Chan Yin YinSDC Ambassador

Yap WC

I have just attended the Timing and You course on 26th June 2016. Before attending the course, I only use FA for my investment. But sometimes the problem with FA is that it takes too Long. Now I can look into CA to know the timing, then followed by FA and TA on when to enter. I am more confident in my investments now. I think everyone knows that the market is going to crash. But the problem is when ? With CA, everyone definitely can benefit from it. A big Thank you to Derick for all these..

Yap WCSDC Ambassador

Choo Wan Yee

I just attended the 4th Timing and You seminar on 18th June 2016. I think the biggest benefit of this seminar is that Derick has provided me a very broad and clear view of how the financial market will be for the next 5-7 years. And I now knew how past human behaviour can actually help us take a glimpse into the future, including the behaviour of financial market, and other influential events of the world. This course is really an eye-opener for me.

Actually, I did traded before in stocks in year 2002-2003 without any prior knowledge how the stock market works. Of course, I did not do well. In the past 13 years, I did not trade at all but just observe, as I still have the desire to know more about investing. Derick’s teaching not only confirm my guess about the cycles in financial market, but also taught me much more than I ever knew. I am indeed grateful to be able to be a SDC ambassodor, and hope to learn more from Derick and his wonderful team.

Choo Wan YeeSDC Ambassador

Elaine Tan

Been with AIA BHD for nearly 3 decades of transforming lives & helping families & businesses to protect & create but had never traded personally in stocks or commodities. Lost some monies in stock market & was told that if I am prepared to invest in stock market, I must be prepared to lose whatever I had invested & I did which I felt, was not quite acceptable.

The fact that some people (though very few), had gotten very wealthy through stock market prompted me in search of the “how”.

I was seriously looking for a means to make my hard-earned monies worked harder for me. When I saw T&Y event posted on one of the meet.up group, I was curious.

I had attended many seminars/conventions in my entire life .. personal development, wealth creation, brand yourself, fire your potentials, unleash your potentials, etc, etc … the list can go on & on … many are repetitive or similar but nothing like the contents in “Timing & You”.

Cyclic analysis was a new word to me before T&Y preview. Last Sunday course exposed me to even more cycles & what is to come. I am blessed to be a SDC ambassador under the tutelage of SDC Guru Derick. I am now keenly excited to catch the timing, open a trading account asap, activate my foreign account & start investing. Honestly, fear of losing again, I do have but I’ve found trust & confidence in Derick … I don’t know why … probably his credentials, in-depth knowledge & trustworthy countenance. He has made his pot of gold & is still hitting. Through his guidance, I hope I’ll be able to strike my pot of gold too & bless as many lives as I could. May the timing & forces be with all of us. Amen!

Elaine TanSDC Ambassador

Keny Marquez

An eye opener. I have been curious about stocks and investing for quite some time but without any framework of reference it was very difficult. Even after studying the basics on Technical analysis things were not linked. Timing and Cycle Analysis seems to be that glue I was looking for! On top of that Derick comes across as a very approachable and down to earth person, the what you see is what you get type. Attending the T&Y course has set a foundation and giving me pointers to build upon. Thanks Derick!

Keny MarquezSDC Ambassador

Jonathan Woo

As a business consultant, I've been around to some investment & economic talks locally and regionally. Amongst all, Derick's Timing & You program tells us what's the global market situation going to be in the next 5 years by looking back to history. It goes beyond market fundamental and technical analysis. The "Cyclical Analysis" insights by Derick is not only factual but coming true one by one like a fortune teller's prediction. Thanks Derick for your sharing.

Jonathan WooSDC Ambassador

Shuu Chan

I got exposed to Timing and You in such an amazing timing. Got really excited even during the preview. It was an eye opener for me. I used to be a trader for the past 3-4 years yet was always at the losing end. I am quite sure that there is a hidden pattern in the financial world and especially in money and wealth. Derick amazingly decoded it for us and I am so amazed and I can't hold my excitement. Timing and you revealed the hidden knowledge of cycle that controls the world, just like how the cycle of 4 seasons exist whether we like it or not. I am so blessed that this knowledge is being taught and shared by Derick with such a big heart. It helps me and my family to protect wealth and position myself to ride the wave and I am sure with Derick's guidance, I am able to profit enormously!! What are you waiting for??!! The timing is now!! For those of you who are still doubting the conspiracy, fret not! It’s all about solid data and figures!! Grab the opportunity before it’s gone!!! Grab Derick before it’s too late!! God blessed!! So thankful to Derick! So thankful to Timing and You!!

Shuu ChanSDC Ambassador

Liew Wai Yip

Timing is Everything! Being able to foresee the market direction is crucial. Cycle Analysis knowledge learned here will serve as my GPS in the investment world. Derick Tan is doing an excellent job of organizing and presenting this course in a simple and easy to understand way. I'm certain you will gain the information you needed from this course to excel in your investment journey regardless of your experience. I am personally amazed by how accurate his cycle charts are especially on Oil and Gold.

I'm proud to say I am a Timing and You Graduate and I'm a SDC Ambassador! Thank you Derick! Thank you Timing & You! 🙂

Liew Wai YipSDC Ambassador

Dominic Chen

For a long time, I could not understand, why, when I trade a proven system, exactly to the letter, I didn't make money. To complicate matters further, when other people trade the same system, exactly to the letter, they made money and I didn't. I was completely perplexed! For a long time, I was wondering to myself, what did I do wrong that other people seem to be making money but not me when we were using exactly the same trading system. It only became clear to me after I attended Timing & You, conducted by Derick, that TIMING is everything: There is a TIME to trade aggressively. There is a TIME to trade conservatively. There is also a TIME not to trade at all. The question is - do you know the TIME? Derick's course teaches you the TIME, via Cycle Analysis (CA), which in my opinion, is even more important than Technical Analysis (TA) and Fundamental Analysis (FA). For the first time, I finally understood, why I was not making money, even when I am using a proven system and that is because I have been applying it at the wrong TIME. Now that I know how to read TIME, finally, I can say to myself that the search is over and the money is beginning to roll in! Thank you so much, Derick for sharing CA with us. May God Bless you and your family abundantly for your kind generosity. 🙂

Dominic ChenSDC Ambassador

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