Timing and You is a program created to raise awareness of the Sovereign Debt Crisis 2.0 and we aim to provide guidance to individuals on how to survive & profit from this financial catastrophe through the period of 2015 – 2022. We will capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime movement in stocks, currencies, precious metals, energy and other commodities as well as profitable megatrends such as Dow Jones explosion to 30,000 or more, Revolutionary Technological trends e.g. Internet of Everything (IoE), Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI)…etc., rise of China and ASEAN, cryptocurrencies…..etc. that will reshape markets, nations and the world. We will not only help you to target the big trends but also swoop on short-term, speculative profits as well.

With Timing & You membership, one will enjoy the following:

  • Timing and You Member Exclusive website: Login anytime, anywhere to our members-only website to catch up on the monthly T&Y newsletter, latest trade alerts and important market analysis.
  • Monthly T&Y Newsletter: Gain access to our proprietary T&Y Relative Risk Index (RRI)™, exclusive cycle charts and dive into trading ideas revolving around a certain historical patterns or market seasonality.
  • Quarterly T&Y gathering: Receive updates on the global market outlook based on Derick’s analysis, forecast and 20 years of real-life market experience. Every year-end, financial experts who have proven track records in their fields will also be invited to share how to build and maintain your wealth for the years to come.
  • Participate in WRO MAM: Profit from the tremendous upheaval in the global financial system due to Sovereign Debt Crisis 2.0 through short-term trading, primarily in currencies, commodities and indexes.
  • Private Facebook community: Gain access to important market updates and macro trends heating up in the world.
  • Participate in EXCLUSIVE investment projects in 7 main industries across RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) countries.

We are now going through Sovereign Debt Crisis 2.0, which will ultimately cause the major governments of Europe, Japan and U.S. to go bust, therefore the impact will be more DEVASTATING than what we had experienced during the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis. This will result in what our Timing and You Founder Derick Tan called the 2017-2022 Wealth Redistribution Operation (WRO), the BIGGEST Wealth Transfer since the 1929-1939 Great Depression!

They say the world is made up of 3 types of people:
1) Those who make things happen.
2) Those who watch things happen.
3) And those who wonder what happened.

Now that you know exactly what is going to happen in the financial markets over the next few years and why. The only question is this: Will you take advantage of it? Or will you be among the millions who will be wiped out by this financial catastrophe and wondering what hit them?

The decision is yours. The time is NOW.