What is T&Y Relative Risk Index (RRI)™

T&Y Relative Risk Index (RRI)™ is a proprietary 3-dimensional stock market barometer which analyzes 14 different cyclical, technical, financial, credit, and economic indicators and composes of a correlation of 47 individual sub-models to tell us at a glance whether the U.S. stock market environment is bullish, bearish, or somewhere in between.

T&Y RRI™ determines the risk level of the U.S. stock market by studying the previous cycles of RRI and comparing the previous cycle highs and lows to the current market. It is divided into 4 main color zones to represent different risk levelsand it is upper-bound at 100% (extreme high risk) and lower-bound at 0% (zero risk). The higher the value, the greater the risk and the lower the value, the lower will be the risk level. It is PROBABLY the first in the world that combines Cycle Analysis, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis parameters to give a holistic risk-reward assessment of the U.S. stock market.

T&Y RRI™ is EXCLUSIVELY available to our Timing and You members only.