Business Today (September 2020)

"Timing & You" Founder Derick Tan's interview in Business Today Malaysia, Special Merdeka Edition, September 2020,  where he shared about his journey in Timing & You, Cycle Analysis and the proprietary 3-dimensional T&Y Relative Risk Index.

Singapore’s The Straits Times
(December 2019)

“Timing & You” Founder Derick Tan’s interview in Me & My Money page of The Straits Times where he shared how he see the global financial markets will pan out and where the profit opportunities lie in 2020 and beyond.

Yazhou ZhouKan The International Chinese Newsweekly
(May 2019)

Interview article of “Timing & You” Founder Derick Tan in the May 2019 issue of Hong Kong’s Yazhou Zhoukan magazine for winning the “2019 World Excellent Young Leader” award.

The Edge
(September 2016)

“Timing & You” Founder Derick Tan’s interview in the September 26th issue of The Edge newspaper, on how history will always repeat itself, especially in the financial markets.

Smart Investor Magazine
(June 2016)

Our Chief SDC Ambassador, Derick Tan’s article in June’s issue of Malaysia’s Smart Investor magazine. This article goes on in depth to explain what Cycle Analysis is all about and how it can help investors and the common man to make better investing decisions.

Smart Investor Magazine
(February 2016)

“Timing & You” Founder Derick Tan’s interview in the February issue of Malaysia’s Smart Investor magazine, about Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC), Cycle Analysis (CA) & potential profit opportunities.